Parents in California are distraught after losing their infant son after being vaccinated. As we have reported frequently here at Health Impact News, ... Family Faces Criminal Prosecution and Loss of Children for not Vaccinating Child who Died. Why I wish my daughter had been vaccinated ... who refused to have their child vaccinated for anything. ... being vaccinated. We can stop ... that their child died or is suffering ... Maine children vaccinated. A friends brother died from meningitis. ... who was not vaccinated, died last ... Vicky Sheppeard said it is a tragic reminder to parents to vaccinate their children. ... involving a child who died after being vaccinated. ... frightened by the world I was bringing my child into, ... and not everyone can be vaccinated. ... from "My baby cries when she gets the shot," to "My child is too young ... back because people are not being vaccinated as ... died. You are playing with your childs ... vaccinations were first being introduced ... family would choose not to vaccinate their children. Baby dies from whooping cough. The child who died was ... in spite of being surrounded by vaccinated children. Why would you ... about 3 percent of fully vaccinated children do not develop a lasting immune response. Secret report reveals 18 child deaths following vaccinations. Moms Who Vaccinate, And Those Who Wish They Had. The United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF ... where the top news stories are selected not by an editor but by its collective users. Children continue to die from vaccine-preventable diseases. Now Im not afraid to question everything that is done to my children. Moms Who Vaccinate, And Those Who Wish They Had. Understand the Risks and Responsibilities. ... and being involved at his church. Secret report reveals 18 child deaths following vaccinations. ... emergency room staf that your child has not been fully vaccinated ... my eyes are wide open now. Anti-vaccer loses fourth child to vaccine preventable disease, thanks God ... not being vaccinated ... my age were not as fortunate. Merck is currently being sued for ... you or your children are vaccinated or not. ... be vaccinated. ... being vaccinated. We Have Healthy Vaccine Free Children; ... to my children? ... by the child's parents. ... by the child's parents. My children.